BitmapData QRCode Scanner

I found either free or commercial QRCode reader/decoder Flash AIR Native Extension launch a fullscreen Camera to scan, it cannot customize the UI or adding overlay image. I wrote this ANE which accept BitmapData to decoder. So you design own scanner UI and the decoding speed in much faster than any pure AS3 QR decoder. […]

KuneriLite, a commercial answer to Flyer?

KuneriLite is another Flash Lite wrapper extend the Flash Lite function, it provides some attractive functions like save, download, Bluetooth, GPS support. Compare with Flyer, Flyer offer more features. Here are some comparison between Flyer and KuneriLite: FeaturesKuneriLite provides save, download, timer, Bluetooth connect, camera, simple protect and GPS, except Timer and Simple Protect, all […]

Two simple and fast ways to genernate random numbers in Flash Lite 1.1

Method 1 In web Flash development environment, we can use two array (A,B) to genernate random numbers easily, we put all numbers into array A, then random an array index, get the value from array A to array B, splice the value in array A, then random the new array index based array A length […]

Result of Mobile Art Competition Announced

Bill Perry have mentioned the mobile art in Japan before. I read the magazine Web Designing, knew have organized a Mobile Art Competition (Japanese/English) last year, the result of competition (Japanese/English) have announced in lastest issue (123) of Shift. The selected Flash content will be distributed in Japan mobile phone operator au and SoftBank […]

I got certified for Flash Lite 1.1 and Flash 8, Flash Lite 1.1 exam was very hard!

Someone asked in MMUG(HK) about Flash certification(Chinese link), so I checked Pearson VUE, discovered Flash Lite 1.1 and Flash 8 certification are released. It is the first Flash Lite certification, I was curious and so made an exam appointment. For Flash 8, due to the requirement of Certified instructor, when new software version exam is […]