BitmapData QRCode Scanner

I found either free or commercial QRCode reader/decoder Flash AIR Native Extension launch a fullscreen Camera to scan, it cannot customize the UI or adding overlay image. I wrote this ANE which accept BitmapData to decoder. So you design own scanner UI and the decoding speed in much faster than any pure AS3 QR decoder. […]

[JSFL] Toggle Bitmap Use Imported JPEG Quality

Wrote a JSFL, it can make the bitmap in library, if its compression is Photo(JPEG), toggle between use document default quality or custom quality, it also set “Allow smoothing” to true. If you do not want to use “Allow smoothing”, comment JSFL line 16: library.items[i].allowSmoothing = true; Download For Flash MX2004 – Flash CS3 For […]

Skinning Flex2 Tree Controls to an Expandable Menu

I have made a skinning on v2 Tree component to an expandable menu. Now, I try to use Flex2 Tree Control skinning as the same stuff. Programming concept are so different, except graphic asset can reuse, all the code are written from scratch.[Demo][Source] In this exercise, the focus not only on component skinning, I also […]

Convert Tree Component into a Multiple Categories Navigation Menu

This is one of example in my 2nd Flash book, using CellRenderer API and XML, dynamically generate a menu, such menu is hot in web design. If it is written from sketch, require at least 3-4 days, but using Tree Component, just edit XML file each time. The background in the menu, it is Movie […]