Solve the Problem of Dreamweaver 8 Cannot Save FTP Login and Password

This problem has affected me for a long time. I use Dreamweaver 8 Manage Sites to synchronize the local file and remote file of the site. Although I save FTP login and password every time, when Dreamweaver is closed, next time, re-open it again, FTP login and password is lost! Google the solution, find it […]

MXNA should add a smart category for AJAX

Web developers concern AJAX, RIA developers concern AJAX, User experience designers concern AJAX, Flash/Flex developers concern AJAX, Apollo developers concern AJAX. Adobe+Flex do not oppose/compete with AJAX, Flex is go beyond AJAX and embrace AJAX. There are quite a lot of post in MXNA about JavaScript, AJAX, CSS. Do you agree MXNA should add a […]

Reminds for Beginner Who Start Trying Ajax

Cross Domain Restriction Browser does not allow cross domain XMLHttpRequest,even under same domain, but sub-domain is different, similar to Flash Player. Same domain and sub-domain but different port, it is no restriction. Testing in localhost connect to network, IE allows but Firefox does not allow. To solve the cross domain restriction problem, common solution is […]

Cake & SAJAX

Cake is a framework, a structure of libraries, classes and run-time infrastructure for PHP programmers creating web applications. It’s based on certain conventions, so you may find it rigid at first. The directory structure is already layed out, and it can be quite differe from what you’re used to. SAJAX: Simple Ajax Toolkit by ModernMethod […]