Microsoft 2019 Mortage

The focus of the video is not watching how Microsoft will build a great future for us, because there seems to be a serious difference somewhere between innovation and realization. But the interface design, UI, user experience in the video, give our RIA developers an inspiration and references, especially when touch screen is popular, multi-touch […]

I got certified for Flash Lite 1.1 and Flash 8, Flash Lite 1.1 exam was very hard!

Someone asked in MMUG(HK) about Flash certification(Chinese link), so I checked Pearson VUE, discovered Flash Lite 1.1 and Flash 8 certification are released. It is the first Flash Lite certification, I was curious and so made an exam appointment. For Flash 8, due to the requirement of Certified instructor, when new software version exam is […]

Blogs about MAX2006 (Taiwan)

English Blog Ben Forta: Back To Taiwan For MAX Asia, On My Way To MAX, Hello From Taipei Ted Patrick: Flex stole my mojo! Bill Perry: MAX Taipei Biskero: Adobe MAX 2006 Asia Taipei, Adobe MAX 2006 Asia Taipei pictures Rocketboots: When Too Much MAX is Barely Enough… Chinese Blog Luar:MAX2006感想,MAX2006第1天速記,MAX2006第2天速記 阿修:Adobe MAX 2006 Taipei […]

Save first, then test

Move from Flash to Flex2, some habit have to change. In Flash, make some changes, Ctrl+Enter to test movie, the change is reflected in the compiled movie. But, in Flex Bulider is not, it has to Save first, then Run, waiting “Building workspace” is completed and new change will be reflected in compiled version。