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I was shocked Adobe releases Blaze preview version so fast as the same time of Flex 2 release, so I download it immedately and install…but the installer said it is only support WinXP and don’t let me install, I am using Win2000… XYZ!@!#

Win2003 cannot install, too

I got someone email, asked me to share the Flash Lite 2.0 sis with him. He said that he did not want to pay USD10. I think it is really shameful that you do not have software property protection mind and even such a little money still not want to pay for! BTW, Flash Lite 2.0 is stuck to the phone IMEI which cannot share with others.

When I added a new category: Ajax last night, I found there was no logo for Ajax, why Adaptive Path not design a Ajax logo for promoting their buzz term? So I designed my own Ajax logo, haha! (Just kidding)


Flashers: Just a bunch of copycats: for designer who like to copy MacOSX interface and developer who like to copy Java.

Macromedia products are mainly used by creative people, but how many products are developed initially from Macromedia herself? Macromedia formerly is MacroMind, develop Director, then combine with ParaComp and Authorware to become Macromedia. The followings are some of the products not originally developed by Macromedia:

  • Authorware: combined from Authorware
  • Freehand: bought from Aldus
  • Flash: acquisition of FutureWave
  • ColdFusion/JRun/Homesite: acquisition of Allaire
  • Flash MX’s Firefly component: bought from CyberSage
  • Breeze: acquisition of Presedia
  • Flash Paper: bought from Blue Pacific’s Flash Printer
  • Flex: copy Laszlo (yes?!)
  • RoboDemo/RoboHelp: acquisition of eHelp

The most creative product I admire:

  • Director
  • Dreamweaver
  • Flash Remoting
  • FlashCom

Article posted in Taiwan MMUG

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