First Try on Erlyvideo

Erlyvideo is another free/commercial Flash Media Server alternative, I notice it because it claimed it can streaming video to iPhone. I am looking for a solution directly streaming flv to iPhone for a long time, but still cannot find any. Movie file location setting Edit erlyvideo/priv/erlyvideo.conf, parameter: file_dir iPhone streaming path http://www.<domain>.com:8082/iphone/playlists/<folder>/<folder>/<filename.ext>.m3u8 Testing result: mp4, […]

Change the FlashCom Recorded FLV File Permission in Linux

In Linux server, the FLV recorded by FlashCom, file permission by default is 0660 (rw-rw—-). Tonight, I did some jpg screen capture from the video frame using FFmpeg through exec in PHP. It is so strange the conversion never success. Firstly, I thought it is PHP permission problem, I found I can run exec on […]

One-stop Installation Guide for Create a Linux Server-side FLV conversion environment

2007-8-6 Update: Based on the my own FLV conversion knowledge, I have started a Web 2.0 service call – VCASMO. It is a video + PowerPoint online presentation platform. If you want to convert other video format to FLV (sorenson codec), everybody will suggest using FFmpeg. In fact, only FFmpeg is not enough for successfully […]

Using ffmpeg Convert FLV to Other Video Format Has No Audio Problem

At this moment, recording sound in FlashCom, then use ffmpeg convert to MP3 for Podcasting is impossible. Because FlashCom FLV audio codec – NellyMoser is a closed format. Force mp3 audio in saved FLV FLV created with FCS and nellymoser audio codec FLV to other… Revisited Other Reference Extracting a JPEG snapshot from an FLV […]

Server-side delete FLV

If use other Server-side Program to delete the just recorded FLV, FlashCom may lock the file and cannot successfully delete. The correct way to do it is using SSAS: [code lang=”actionscript”]var s = Stream.get(”flvName”); if (s) { s.onStatus = function(info) { if (info.code == “NetStream.Clear.Success”) { trace(”Stream cleared successfully.”); } if (info.code == “NetStream.Clear.Failed”) { […]