Using BlendMode:Layer solve the problem when MovieClip is semi-transparent, the colors are mixed together

Designers always face this problem, inside a MovieClip, there are different symbols, when MovieClip is semi-transparent, each symbol has its own semi-transparent, so the colors are mixed together as the following example: To solve this problem you can set MovieClip BlendMode to Layer ActionScript syntax: mc.blendMode = “layer”;(For Flash 8 AS1/2, too) Download sample fla(Flash […]

[AS2] Handle Special Characters in XML

When loading XML File and parsing, usually use ChildNode[n].toString() for extract the data, sound like it can get the data and convert to “String” or other variable type. Normally, it has no problem, but when the XML contains special characte, it will get back wrong data, for example special characters like: ‘, &, ". Here […]