Flex2 List Control Gotcha: Mousewheel scrolling cause wordwrap text shift

When you set wordWrap=”true” variableRowHeight=”true” in List control, it can support multilines label. However, the default item renderer forgot to set the textfield’s mouseWheelEnabled=”false”, when the user use mouse wheel to scroll the list, it will also make the text inside List to scroll, too. [Demo] [Source]

Using More than 2 own ResourceBundles Will Crash a Flex Application

When you using Flex2 framework to build your application, Flex has included several ResourceBundles for its components, validators…You can add only maximum two your own ResourceBundles in the application, otherwise it will cause error and crash the Application during initializing after loading. [Source] index2.mxml (2 own ResourceBundles) index.mxml (3 own ResourceBundles) (in order to prevent […]

Another Flash Player is not cross-platform bug: multiple clipContent mask

This bug is nothing related to flash-browser communication problem, it is the different render behavior of Flash player in Windows and MAC, see the picture below (click to see original size): I have put a box with round corner outside the panel, it can render in Windows, but cannot in MAC. The structure is consist […]

AS1/2 escape() and AS3 escape() are different

It is not a big discoverable problem for English development, AS1/2 escape() and AS3 escape() return the same result, but in double-byte characters, AS3 escape() now return the same format as JavaScript, if you want the old AS1/2 format, you have to use encodeURI() or encodeURIComponent(). ActionScript 1/2 var a:String = “香港:”; trace(escape(a)); // %E9%A6%99%E6%B8%AF%3A […]

Thought on Japan Flex User Group Study Session

Japan Flex User Group is the most successful and largest user group in the world (check Adobe Developer Relations manager, John Koch’s article). They held Flex2 study session, discuss and share Flex2 development experience. Yesterday (2006-12-21) I join “Flex2 Study Session (12th)“, this was the first time I attend their gathering, the gathering was hold […]