Config Raspberry Pi for auto-login, disable Alt+F4, Ctrl+Alt+Del keys, auto-run python code

Just finished the first job on Raspberry Pi, using python code as a kiosk program, some common config you may needed: My Raspberry Pi is running with RASPBIAN Debian Wheezy Auto-login After boot up the Raspbian, if you want to auto-login with username: pi, password: raspberry. sudo nano /etc/inittab find: 1:2345:respawn:/sbin/getty –noclear 38400 tty1 change […]

BitmapData QRCode Scanner

I found either free or commercial QRCode reader/decoder Flash AIR Native Extension launch a fullscreen Camera to scan, it cannot customize the UI or adding overlay image. I wrote this ANE which accept BitmapData to decoder. So you design own scanner UI and the decoding speed in much faster than any pure AS3 QR decoder. […]

Mac Keynote Alpha Background Transparent Function Port to Flash Version

Mac Keynote 08 Alpha Function is an amazing and convenience feature, it can easily remove the background of image, why Photoshop have not such feature? Apple is Apple, UI and features are always very user-friendly. If you do not know how Keynote Alpha work, please watch the following demonstration: My Flash version, of course, still […]

Thought on Japan Flex User Group Study Session

Japan Flex User Group is the most successful and largest user group in the world (check Adobe Developer Relations manager, John Koch’s article). They held Flex2 study session, discuss and share Flex2 development experience. Yesterday (2006-12-21) I join “Flex2 Study Session (12th)“, this was the first time I attend their gathering, the gathering was hold […]

I got certified for Flash Lite 1.1 and Flash 8, Flash Lite 1.1 exam was very hard!

Someone asked in MMUG(HK) about Flash certification(Chinese link), so I checked Pearson VUE, discovered Flash Lite 1.1 and Flash 8 certification are released. It is the first Flash Lite certification, I was curious and so made an exam appointment. For Flash 8, due to the requirement of Certified instructor, when new software version exam is […]