Multiple Player / Real Time Data Push Solution for iPhone

Reference Article stackoverflow: Multi-player server for iPhone application, using device as socket server. stackoverflow: COMET (server push to client) on iPhone Free (with iPhone API / SDK) RedDwarf Server (Yes) Stomp (Yes) WebChat 2.0 (No) Commercial (with iPhone API / SDK) StreamHub (No, Web App) SmartFoxServer Pro (Yes) Exit Games Photon (Yes)

Mac Keynote Alpha Background Transparent Function Port to Flash Version

Mac Keynote 08 Alpha Function is an amazing and convenience feature, it can easily remove the background of image, why Photoshop have not such feature? Apple is Apple, UI and features are always very user-friendly. If you do not know how Keynote Alpha work, please watch the following demonstration: My Flash version, of course, still […]

Setup CentOS in Parallels as Development Server in MAC

Install CentOS in Parallels 3.0 is quite straight forward. Firstly, download the net install ISO from CentOS site. Parallels can directly using iso file mount as CD-ROM for booting up a new empty VM. During the wizard setup process, choose Linux, for distribution, although no CentOS in the list, since CentOS is based on Fedora, […]

Make MacBook BootCamp WinXP Can Detect and Connect Wiimote

Using Leopard DVD updated to BootCamp 2.0, bluetooh can detect Wiimote, but cannot connect to Wiimote. Therefore, even running WiiFlashServer, it show error that cannot find any Wiimote. I read other people suggest using BlueSoleil. Download and installed, found it cannot support Apple bluetooth. After that, at Apple Forum found this article, follow the instruction […]