Easiest Way to Debug Chromebox Web App

When you run your web app in Chromebox, you cannot call out the DevTools to check the error in console or inspect elements. Instead, there is another way to do so. Firstly, do not run web app in kiosk mode, and quit fullscreen mode. Open Chrome browser, in address bar, type: chrome://inspect On left menu, […]

Solve the Problem of Dreamweaver 8 Cannot Save FTP Login and Password

This problem has affected me for a long time. I use Dreamweaver 8 Manage Sites to synchronize the local file and remote file of the site. Although I save FTP login and password every time, when Dreamweaver is closed, next time, re-open it again, FTP login and password is lost! Google the solution, find it […]

MXNA should add a smart category for AJAX

Web developers concern AJAX, RIA developers concern AJAX, User experience designers concern AJAX, Flash/Flex developers concern AJAX, Apollo developers concern AJAX. Adobe+Flex do not oppose/compete with AJAX, Flex is go beyond AJAX and embrace AJAX. There are quite a lot of post in MXNA about JavaScript, AJAX, CSS. Do you agree MXNA should add a […]