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Check here. Included some demo who shown in last year MAX2007 Japan.

How he can optimize his own 3D engine so smooth? It is running so smooth even in my old slow 5 years+ PC, which is too slow to run most PV3D site. Anyway, check it!.




Using Leopard DVD updated to BootCamp 2.0, bluetooh can detect Wiimote, but cannot connect to Wiimote. Therefore, even running WiiFlashServer, it show error that cannot find any Wiimote. I read other people suggest using BlueSoleil. Download and installed, found it cannot support Apple bluetooth. After that, at Apple Forum found this article, follow the instruction to do, finally, MacBook BootCamp WinXP can detect and connect Wiimote.

Amy S Quinn has posted an useful line up of applications/solutions/tools to view and create PDF file, including desktop software, server command line, code library. Check it!

From this youtube video come across that youtube video, then finally know this site.

Cross-site Scripting Overview



Cross-site Request Forgery Overview

Last night (7th November, 2006), I attended a seminar arranged by Microwave International Media Arts Festival in Hong Kong, this year theme title is “Animatronica”. The seminar speaker is an American-based Korean Jin-Yo Mok, he showed some his experimental and research on interactive Flash with physical devices through XMLSocket.


He talked mainly about his project “Music Box“.


User can click the point in a Flash interface online, then the physical music box rotate and generate sound/music like traditional music box.

He has worked on this project for two years in New York University, one year is research and preparation. Before the seminar, I thought he was pure Korea growth artist, but I am wrong. I always question why creative cannot growth locally? People must go outside and inspired by Western? Or only Western society has the chance for people to explore some thing, which may be stupid, meaningless, and not for money?

Just my two cent opinion today, btw, his work is really interesting.

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