Ajax Framework and Library


  • Rico provides full Ajax support, drag and drop management and a cinematic effects library.
  • SAJAX makes it easy to call PHP, Perl or Python functions from your webpages via JavaScript without performing a browser refresh.
  • PAJAJis a object oriented Ajax framework written in PHP5 for development of event driven PHP web applications.
  • Symfony is a web application framework for PHP5. projects
  • AJFORM: World’s Easiest JavaScript AJAX ToolKit, it is a JavaScript toolkit which simply submits data from any given form in an HTML page, then sends the data to any specified JavaScript function. AJFORM degrades gracefully in every aspect. In other words, if the browser doesn’t support it, the data will be sent through the form as normal.
  • SACK is a lightweight toolkit.
  • glm-ajax is a cross browser framework that allows developers to quickly develop web pages that can call web services and server pages through javascript without having to submit the current page.

XML Library

  • AJAXLib: loads the XML document, removes all the whitespace nodes from the document (optionally), calls a specified function when XML document is successfully loaded.
  • Sarissa is an ECMAScript library acting as a cross-browser wrapper for native XML APIs. It offers various XML related goodies like Document instantiation, XML loading from URLs or strings, XSLT transformations, XPath queries

JavaScript Effect

  • Rico provides full Ajax support, drag and drop management and a cinematic effects library.
  • Dojo lets you prototype interactive widgets quickly, animate transitions, and build Ajax requests with the most powerful and easiest to use abstractions available.
  • Prototype.js eaturing a unique, easy-to-use toolkit for class-driven development and the nicest Ajax library around. (Rico, Behaviour, script.aculo.us, Ruby on Rails, Moo.fx are using it, too)
  • Behaviour provides: Drag and drop, Fluid animations and Dynamic page updates.
  • script.aculo.us provides: Visual effects, Drag-and-drop, Controls (e.g auto-completing text fields).
  • Moo.fx is a superlightweight, ultratiny, megasmall javascript effects library
  • AFLAX is a development methodology which combines Ajax and Flash to create more dynamic web based applications.
  • qooxdoo is an advanced open-source javascript based toolkit. qooxdoo continues where simple HTML is not enough anymore. This way qooxdoo can help you to get your rich web application interface done.
  • MochiKit: A lightweight Javascript library


Commerical Ajax IDE/Toolkit

Ajax Application Example with Source

  • DOM Javascript Slider Bar
  • Ajax list: keep track of the work our little development team is working on.
  • RoundCube: webmail is a browser-based multilingual IMAP client with an application-like user interface.
  • Zoho CRM: Does not have source, but it is a very cool AJAX example for a enterprise application, support back/forward button, too.

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