Flex2: NNTP Client

I have written newsgroup reader before, using Flash+PHP. Nowadays, ActionScript 3 has Socket Class, which can directly connect to NNTP Server, therefore I written this Flex2 version (swf, source). Written NNTP is not hard, I just used 3-4 hours, but solving the Chinese encoding problem, waste me 2 days, I have referenced 雲開‘s and qhwa‘s idea. Finally, I found that flash.system.System.useCodePage = true sounds like has not implemented in Flash Player 8.5 yet, so I gave up, I will write my own UTF-8 convert program in the future spare time (Java version). My original idea is writing a mature application, e.g: threading, paging, Base64 (discovered Flash has Base64Encoder Class but no decoder) and quoted-printable encoding conversion, attachment, subscribe newsgroup before release to public. Due to the basic Chinese encoding problem that I even cannot handle, so gave up. Release this demo with the source code: mxml, for interested people as a reference, study or improvement.


During the coding process, I found few problems, I hope that it is Flex2 alpha version not stable, or my knowledge is not enough. For example: TextArea Component vPosition is not work, ComboBox return null easily, useCodePage is not work…etc

Note: swf has to view locally, view it online will be blocked byFlash Player sandbox.

Other References