Unicode is not Fully Support in Flash Lite 2

Flash Lite 1.1 is not support Unicode, you cannot see much non-English (Latin) based dynamic data Flash Lite content. In Flash Lite 2.0, it claims that it supports Unicode. However, this support is based on limited criteria, for example, if you want to show dynamic Chinese character, your handset OS have to set to a Chinese interface. Here is a test of my friend thor Flash Lite 2 application: FXNA. It is a news aggregator running in my Nokia 6680. In an English Interface: all the Chinese characters become a square. However, in an Chinese (Simplified) Interface: all the Chinese (either Traditional or Simplified) are displayed correctly.

English Interface Chinese Interface

However, in an English Interface, I can write or receive Chinese SMS without any problem. It is only the problem of Flash Lite 2 that is not support Unicode very well.

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  1. So this means you MUST embed all the chinese characters to display them on an English interface…?
    Then your file size will be at least 2MB…which is impossible to handle for mobile device.

    Is there any changes in using “_sans” font instead of specifiying “Arial” in your textfields when you publish?

    Weird 🙁

  2. try:


    Flash Lite 2:
    “System.useCodePage = true”


    Don’t use “System.useCodePage = true”
    But still use either “UTF-8” or “shift_jis” in your XML/Php

    i have been working with these in Japan. If it doesnt work, email me.

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