FlashPaper 2 for Flash Lite 2

Thanks the support of ActionScript2 and Flash 7 in Flash Lite 2, I take an experiment to see the feasibility of porting FlashPaper 2 to mobile. Initially, I just transfer any normal FlashPaper 2 swf file to my Nokia 6680.

Although mostly the mobile shows “Problem with content: 4” or out of memory error, some simple Flash Paper swf document, the content can be viewed in Flash Lite 2 directly, press up/down key, page scrolling is work, too, just those toolbar and scrollbar occupied too many screen space and most of them are not usable.

So, I decide to take a hack on the Flash Paper 2 swf format. I know Flash Paper convert a document based on a template swf file located at: C:\Program Files\Macromedia\FlashPaper 2\Interface\DefaultViewer2.swf. I use ASV 5.0 to decompile it, study the code, remove all unnecessary class files and class methods.

Add further key detection support and the continuous key press detection I used. Finally I create a FlashPaper 2 for Flash Lite 2 version! (download to that location and overwrite the file, remember backup/rename the original DefaultViewer2.swf first!)

In order to fit the small screen size in mobile, you have to adjust the MS Word document paper size before convert any document to FlashPaper format. By default, we use A4 size in our Word document, so I choose a custom size: 4.8cm * 5.7cm portrait which just fit the mobile screen size and font size 10 is still readable in the mobile.

Cool, now I can directly print any document to swf format and view it in mobile. I hope Adobe really take action to make FlashPaper 3 support Flash Lite in the future. It will create a great possibility for document file exchange in mobile!

Key Usage
Up/Down: scroll
2: Jump for a Page Up (PageUp)
8: Jump for a Page Down (PageDown)
4: Jump to 1st Page (Home)
6: Jump to last Page (End)
Download this demo

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  1. I wonder if it’s legal to modify DefaultViewer2.swf. I guess it breaks EULA with Adobe. But still a great idea.

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