[AS1/2] Using POST method to send parameters and receive XML

If you use POST method to send parameters, the received result is XML, you should use LoadVars or XML? sendAndLoad from LoadVars cannot handle received XML format, sendAndLoad from XML can use GET method to send parameters only, cannot use POST Method. I have already sticked to write AS3, suddenly switch back to AS1, I forgot how to code, googling (cannot find any useful tutorial). Finally, I find out by myself: LoadVars’ sendAndLoad can assign receive Object, usually assign itself, so never consider it can be others before, that is XML Object, ha!

login_lv = new LoadVars();
login_xml = new XML();
login_xml.ignoreWhite = true;
login_xml.onLoad = function(suc) {
// parse XML result here
login_lv.loginname = loginName_tf.text;
login_lv.password = pwd_tf.text;
login_lv.sendAndLoad("login.php", login_xml, "POST");