Some installation notes on Flash Media Server 3/3.5

Port 80 Issue
FMS 3.5 comes with Apache, since server installed Apache, so do not install it. I want HTTP Tunneling, so chose Port 1935,80 during installation. When FMS started, Apache cannot run, because port 80 is listened by FMS now. Therfore if you get one server only, running web server and FMS, cannot use HTTP Tunneling. You can edit conf\fms.ini

Becareful 19350
When study conf\_defaultRoot_\Adaptor.xml, found one line:
<HostPort name="edge1" ctl_channel="localhost:19350">
Why it is 19350, I thought that it was my careless to modify it before, so I changed to 1935, and then even FMS is running, but cannot connect to any applications

Convenient VOD and Virtual Directory
FMS 3.0 comes with a very convenient applications “vod”, it is for streaming video, you can just put FLV under applications\vod\media\, connect to rtmp:/vod, then it can stream video. vod support virtual directory, you can edit applications\vod\Application.xml, under <VirtualDirectory> add new node:
Suppose a FLV at C:\Video\folder1\video_1.flv, you can code like that:
var my_nc:NetConnection = new NetConnection();
var my_ns:NetStream = new NetStream(my_nc);