KuneriLite, a commercial answer to Flyer?

KuneriLite is another Flash Lite wrapper extend the Flash Lite function, it provides some attractive functions like save, download, Bluetooth, GPS support. Compare with Flyer, Flyer offer more features. Here are some comparison between Flyer and KuneriLite:

  • Features
    KuneriLite provides save, download, timer, Bluetooth connect, camera, simple protect and GPS, except Timer and Simple Protect, all other features can be found in Flyer, Flyer support more like: record screen, contacts and calendar module, SMS, databases, file Upload, sound recording and playback, text to speech…and some features in beta.
  • Flash Lite version
    Flyer requires Flash Lite 2.1 versus KuneriLite support Flash Lite 1.1 which is the main stream Flash Lite version in the market.
  • Deployment
    Flyer requires handsets have Python for S60 installed, which mean it is not yet ready for easy mass customer deployment. In the future, it is not clear whether provides an easy SIS installer for developer to deploy their application with Flyer and Python to their client. At this moment, Flyer is still a developer product for evaluation. KuneriLite provides a wizard for you to create SIS installer with your application and KuneriLite.
  • Price
    Flyer is open source versus KuneriLite is commercial product ask for €99 per your application! That mean you have two applications for sell, you have to buy two licenses. I think it causes a step back for casual developers who want to use KuneriLite and sell their products, because it is quite hard for them to earn back €99 (sigh). If KuneriLite can sell in €99 for unlimited applications unlimited distribution, it will be more attractive. Of course, it allows free to use for non-commercial application.

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所以我傾向以抽離角度去看,究竟RIA是什麼?用戶究竟又需要什麼?經常聽到有人說RIA就是將Web Application變得像Desktop Application。這是指界面上一樣?保留類似Win Form東西?還是有Desktop Application的操作方式?

先說界面,從Macromedia起初拋出的RIA例子,我們可以看到,所謂RIA,著重以較圖像,視覺化的操作方式去處理數據,用Mouse控制比用鍵盤輸入Data的機會較多。操作過程還要加一點動畫,讓用戶感到非常炫目。為了達到這目標,所用的是Flash IDE,開發的人是一群既懂設計,又懂編程的Interactive Developer,以Flash MX開始,這群人已經有5年經驗,因此究竟RIA變成甚麼樣,過去一直是由這群人去定義。

到了現在,我們見到Adobe將昨天Macromedia打倒,RIA定義變了質,由Flex 2產品去看,RIA就是要將Win Form東西在Browser/AIR裡重建。從它將AS3徹底改寫,以取悅傳統Programmer的編寫方法去發展,我從來不相信AVM改善效率等於要把過去的語法等東西否定。Flex 2提供組件,徹力讓Programmer可以做一個像樣點Win Form,可惜,Flex 2提供組件,質量、效能和可用性都很一般,根本做出來的Win Form,操作上跟Desktop Application仍然相差很遠。RIA定義被一群既無美感,又不懂互動性和可用性Programmer操縱,可見不久將來會看到大量灰色、黑沉沉的Flex Application出現來折騰用戶。

至於Flash CS3, Adobe的策略根本是放棄它在RIA開發上貢獻,Flash CS3是RIA開發上最沒有改善,甚至倒退的昇級版。

因此,對於興趣或專注在RIA上Interactive Developer,現在是否有他們選擇位置?我見到是沒有,除非他們轉到去Flex,還是轉投M$,否則每天繼續做一些廣告文宣式的商業Flash站,寫點Flash Games。

對於Desktop Application的操作方式,在RIA中有什麼意義?答案是從可用性角度去出發--不要跟用戶習慣作對。因此當初HTML Application的局限,很多用戶習慣了操作方式無法實現,才有了當初Macromedia以Flash乘虛而入的RIA概念。因此我們去比較RIA解決方案,可以從用戶角度考慮,更要從用例考慮。

在保留Desktop Application操作方式上再加一點炫目動畫,是從MacOSX開始,連Vista都要走方面,因此WPF很順理成章,是M$給他們開發者的Bonus。M$ Expression產品工具很齊全,缺的只是沒有美工和Interactive Developer。Adobe通過AIR努力補圓Desktop Application上缺失,Adobe產品都很濫,可是就是沒有真正有整合能力的工具給美工和Interactive Developer。一方有工具沒有人才,一方則有人才沒有工具。

這些5年經驗Interactive Developer,你會怎樣走?

從Desktop Application用例方面,Application除了鍵盤輸入、Mouse操作,更包括跨軟體的通訊,例如跨軟體Copy-n-paste、MacOSX不同軟體可以通過Growl傳訊等。因此,未來的RIA戰場,其實是回到Desktop而不是Browser。

既然Adobe愚蠢地將RIA定義由圖像,視覺化的操作方式,變回Win Form上提昇,放棄有經驗的人才而取悅外人,跟M$等回到Desktop上大戰,在Flex 2 Component質劣到跨軟體的弱整合能力。我只看到它放棄最好士兵,最好戰場,回到泥漿中背水一戰。

Setup Symfony Development in Windows

Note: This is a tutorial for Symfony 1.0.2, Apache 2.2, PHP 5.2.1, MYSql 5.0.37 under Windows XP.

Installation and Setup

1. you have installed Apache and PHP (installed in C:\PHP), then add the following to httpd.conf:

# For PHP 5 do something like this:
LoadModule php5_module "c:\php\php5apache2_2.dll"
AddType application/x-httpd-php .php

# configure the path to php.ini
PHPIniDir "C:\php"

2. enabled mod_rewrite by remove #:
LoadModule rewrite_module modules/mod_rewrite.so

find and change AllowOverride none to AllowOverride all

edit the following to add index.php support in directory default file:
<IfModule dir_module>
DirectoryIndex index.php index.html index.htm

3. Go here download Symfony (symfony-stable.tgz), I use 7-zip to extract the file to C:\symfony. Add C:\symfony\bin to Windows environment path, reboot Windows, then I can use “symfony” in cmd.

Prepare for the 1st Project

1. Create a folder for your project, e.g. sf_sandbox. In cmd, go to sf_sandbox folder, type:
symfony init-project sf_sandbox
it will create necessary folders, files under your project folder.

2. Edit sf_sandbox\config\databases.yml, remove the comment #, edit dsn to your database user and password, change the dbname to sf_sandbox (it is the database name used in the project):
dsn: mysql://root:password@localhost/sf_sandbox

3. Edit sf_sandbox\config\propel.ini, change the following lines to:
propel.database.createUrl = mysql://root:password@localhost/
propel.database.url = mysql://root:password@localhost/sf_sandbox

then add:
propel.mysql.tableType = InnoDB

4. Create database sf_sandbox in MySQL.

5. Create folder sf_sandbox\apps\frontend

6. Follow the first project tutorial in Symfony site.

For Flex application, how to consider SEO problem?

If someone ask me, he wants to build a public-facing application, for SEO problem, how to judge whether he should use Flex to build it? I will not tell him Flash has method to solve SEO problem in dynamic, data-driven application, it is a lie because it is possible but hard to do it. I will use a very simple principle to jugde. Although your application is public-facing, but is it the features of application can be used only after user login? If yes, no need to worry about SEO problem, it is a business logic / security problem over SEO problem! Go ahead with Flex.

Adobe exchange HTML version

Browse MXNA, know Adobe exchange have convert to HTML version, another good act after Edge newsletter convert back to HTML version. It is not only me happy on this new (1, 2). This is not a bad symbol for failure of SWF application but a good symbol for give up all bad usability applications! I always noted in the past, build a HTML-like SWF application, cannot gain any great user experience but lost all benefit in a simple HTML text application, it is not worth to do, it is not a wise decision and a hurt to user. Users hate bad usability HTML application, users hate bad usability AJAX application, but users hate bad usability SWF application most, because is it possible to use Greasemonkey to improve SWF application?

Leave comment for the thread in Adobe forum about the new HTML version